Discover the Secrets to Reading a Juror’s Mind at Your Next Trial!

The Jury Project is the ultimate “Show and Tell” for trial lawyers. You will see a presentation of an actual case from a plaintiff and defense lawyer involving real facts and evidence.

The two-hour trial lawyer workshop

March 24 | White Plains, NY
March 31 | Manhattan
April 7 | Long Island

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A wildcard juror can make or break your case. During your next trial, the jurors will be thinking what they are going to have for lunch, where they will pick up their kids or how they got stuck in jury duty (watch the movie, 12 Angry Men, if you don’t think so).

But when you can read the mind of the jurors, you can change the outcome of the trial!

The Jury Project is the ultimate “Show and Tell” for trial lawyers. You will see a presentation of an actual case from a plaintiff and defense lawyer involving real facts and evidence.

“Some say you never know what a jury will do; we reply:
it is our job to know what a jury will do.”

-Henry Miller, On Trial

The fun begins with the live video transmission of jury deliberations. You will get to see the true dynamics of jury deliberations and the results are always dumbfounding. You will see how your view of the strengths and weaknesses of the case is very different from that of the jurors (i.e., taxi drivers, waiters, electricians, etc.)


Get Your Front Row Seat to Jury Deliberations

You will have a front-row seat to the juror deliberations and you’ll get to see:

  • How often jurors disregard the Court’s instructions (even when Judges instruct jurors not to discuss their own experiences in deliberations, most jurors do anyway),

  • How jurors decide vote however they wish regardless of the law and the evidence,

  • How jurors reduce complex matters to simpler versions,

  • How jurors focus on an obscure fact that lawyer never thought of, and turn it into a central issue in deliberations

Trial lawyers are often shocked to hear jurors say that their verdict was heavily influenced by a fact that they never viewed as significant. And you’ll get to see how focus groups are a great way to find out what everyday people see as the strengths and weaknesses of your case.


The Jury Project will reveal surprising insights about jury deliberations that you’ve never seen before. At the Jury Project, the jurors will give you insights to the strengths and weaknesses of the case that you never dreamt of. You will be shocked at the often arbitrary and capricious way that the jury reaches its verdict.

“A focus group is a good indicator of the kinds of problems you
will have convincing a jury that your client is right.”

-Lisa Blue, Esq., President of the American Association
for Justice, Blue’s Guide to Jury Selection

At the end of the Jury Project, you will receive a binder containing all of the forms and content that you will need to have your own jury research project/focus group for your next upcoming trial. That’s right, you can take what you learn and use it! When’s the last time you got this from a seminar?



You will discover the logistics for doing a focus group for your next trial. Focus groups will help you:

  • Brainstorm your case from every angle,

  • Discover weaknesses in your case that you never thought of,

  • Get feedback about your trial exhibits (i.e., Day in the Life video) with everyday people,

  • Discover the questions and themes that are the keys to winning your case.

You will be shocked that the jurors identified something that you did not even realize was a factor, or something you thought was a strength was not important to them. And most importantly, as a result of your focus groups, you will handle your next trial very differently!

“Whether you are experienced or inexperienced, if you don’t do
focus groups or mock trials you are cheating your clients.”

-David Ball, Ph.D., Theater Tips and Strategies for Jury Trials

Here’s What They’re Saying About The Jury Project:

“It was excellent. The presentation was first rate—
it is important to understand a juror’s perspective.”

-Sean Doolan, Esq., Windham, NY

“Two hours well worth any trial lawyer’s time,
at least any trial lawyer who tries cases.”

-E. Stewart Jones, Jr., Esq., Troy, NY

“Being able to view the jury as they deliberated was an eye-opener to say the least. You have successfully created a very useful and educational experience… John, you hit a home run here.”

-Steven I. Gottlieb, Esq., Kingston, NY

“Mr. Fisher: Thank you for speaking at tonight’s CLE program on juries [Dutchess County Bar Association]. All I spoke with after the event were uniform in their praise of your presentation. We look forward to seeing you again!”

-Hon. Jonah Triebwasser, President of the Dutchess County Bar Association

“It was highly informative, fun and a good networking venue.”

-Paul B. Sherr, Esq., Ravena, NY

“The Jury Project gave me a chance to see and hear what
real jurors are thinking about.”

-Victor A. Caponara, Jr., Esq., Albany, NY

“The jury questions + deliberations allow for an opportunity to change aspects of the presentation for trial…This was very beneficial for my practice.”

-Tracy L. Bullett, Esq., Albany, NY

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The two-hour trial lawyer workshop coming to White Plains, NY, Manhattan, and Long Island.

“A focus group is to your case in trial as radar is to
landing a plane in a thunderstorm.”

-David Ball, Ph.D., Theater Tips and Strategies for Jury Trials

And be ready to attend a trial lawyer workshop that is unlike any you’ve attended before—this ain’t your usual CLE!


That’s right, you won’t pay a penny for this trial lawyers’ workshop and we won’t sell you anything. And to boot, we have a free gift for you.